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K&K Designer Pockets, a whole new way to look at apparel!

K&K Designer Pockets, a whole new way to look at apparel! Everyone is invited to check out a new way to carry necessities without a wallet.

Outdoors Enthusiasts – Put your fishing or hunting license in the outside pocket for easy access and visibility by law enforcement. Put your driver’s license, credit card, money or whatever you may need in the inner pocket for safe keeping. No worries about your wallet falling in the lake or getting lost it in the woods.

Truckers/Drivers – No more worries about the negative health affects of sitting on your wallet. Making a quick stop, everything you need is already with you.

Parents/ Grandparents – Proudly display photos or mementos of your precious loved ones. Wherever you go they will visible for everyone to see.

Employees/Contractors – Don’t like carrying your credentials as a necklace? Or on your belt? How about the convenience of our cap? With our clear plastic pocket, it is as easy as “tipping your cap” to use your ID badge.

Ladies – Going somewhere you don’t want to carry your purse? You can easily put your driver’s license, credit card and money inside your hat. Have those items you need without carrying that heavy handbag. Our caps and hats are made for everyone.

Athletes/Runners – Are you looking for an easier way to carry your ID and emergency cash? Want to show support for your favorite team? These are high quality hats that you will be proud to wear.

Go Wild with K&K Designer Pockets – see what other uses you can find. Smile and keep on smiling!!

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