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Women’s Fashion: 10 Events Where You Can Rock Your Jazzy Jeans With Your Favorite Pictures in Them
August 15, 2017 K&K Designer Pockets

Women’s Fashion: 10 Events Where You Can Rock Your Jazzy Jeans With Your Favorite Pictures in Them

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Let’s face it — women’s fashion can be a challenge to keep up with. Styles and fads seem to change every day. What was once the perfect outfit for an evening out is now considered old news; the designs that were lauded last week are now all but forgotten. Sometimes, it just feels like your wardrobe can’t even keep up with the demands of women’s fashion, stagnating your flair. You know what that means? Time to spice things up!
Reclaim the trends with a pair of Jazzy Jeans, and show off your fashion sense as well as your cherished photos. Jazzy Jeans sport clear, plastic pockets that allow you to show off your favorite photos! Here are 10 events where you can rock your Jazzy Jeans with your favorite pictures in them.


1. Family Reunion

There is no better way to celebrate with family than in a pair of Jazzy Jeans. Not only will you be stylishly comfortable, but all of your relatives will take great joy in seeing old family photos and photos from your last family get together. There is even the added benefit of adding new pictures to your Jazzy Jeans as the event goes on! Pose with your aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents, and see to it that those memories are protected and embraced in a pair of Jazzy Jeans.

2. Birthday Party

Whether it’s your birthday, or the birthday party of a friend or family member, Jazzy Jeans will certainly make a statement. Wear a pair of Jazzy Jeans to display pictures in your plastic pockets, capturing exciting moments from the celebration, from blowing out the birthday candles to opening up all those presents. Jazzy Jeans would also make for an excellent birthday treat, including photos of the lucky birthday girl from when she was younger to now, gifting her a fun and heartwarming montage of her growth in a stylish fashion.  

3. County Fair

In the summertime, it’s hard to think about much outside of staying cool and relaxing the days away. When it comes time for the summer county fair, though, everybody who’s anybody will be there — so it’s a perfect time to strut your stuff in a pair of Jazzy Jeans. Again, show off your trendiness and your favorite pictures with Jazzy Jeans’ plastic pockets. And if things grow too hot, between deep-fried foods and ferris wheel rides, those same plastic pockets can be used to conveniently store your items.  

4. Theme Park

It’s always exciting when you get the chance to go to a theme park, whether it’s right down the road for a weekend or vacation time in Orlando. In a pair of Jazzy Jeans, you can brave all the thrilling rides and attractions without fear. Keep your belongings safe in your plastic pockets, store pictures that you take, and look fashionable all while having fun under the sun.      

5. Sunday Brunch

Who says you need to be going out to a party to dress your best? Turn heads in a pair of Jazzy Jeans when joining the girls for Sunday brunch. These fashionable jeans are perfect for lounging with friends and drinking mimosas. Catch up with the latest gossip before bragging about your favorite pictures kept safely in your plastic pockets. You’ll be the center of attention at all of your social gatherings when you wear Jazzy Jeans.

6. Music Concert   

When your favorite band or musician comes to town, you can show your support in a pair of Jazzy Jeans. Pose for pictures with friends, concert-goers and hopefully the lead singer, then tuck your concert photos safely into your plastic pockets. And, if you feel like dancing to those awesome beats, go for it! Jazzy Jeans’ plastic pockets will also keep your personal items secured, no matter how much you groove.

7. Sporting Event

It’s time for the big game! To root for your favorite players or show off your team pride, nothing says that you’re a fan like a pair of Jazzy Jeans. Be the MVP’s lucky charm by arriving in style and with their headshots ready to be autographed in your plastic pockets. The more sporting events you attend, the more exciting memories you can add to your collection, earning you the rightful title of number one fan.

8. Lake Day

Nothing says summer with family and friends quite like a day trip to the lake. Along with a cooler full of drinks and lifejackets, bring your pair of Jazzy Jeans to keep your personal items dry and at easy access. Spice up your outfit further with a stylish sun hat! Don’t worry — there are bucket hats available for men to enjoy while out fishing too.  

9. Neighborhood Cookout

When the weather is nice, the kids are outside playing and the grill is hot, you know you’ll be comfortable and popular in a pair of Jazzy Jeans at a neighborhood cookout. Reminisce with friends about the photos carried in your plastic pockets or capture new moments to add to your outfit. If you pour too much ketchup on your burger, it’s okay — your pictures and personal items will stay protected in your plastic pockets. And don’t forget to dress up the cook in an apron!

10. Outdoor Adventure

Adventure is calling. The great outdoors awaits. It doesn’t matter if you’re there to camp beneath the starry sky or follow trails deeper into nature — a pair of Jazzy Jeans can and will suit any outdoor adventure you decide to take on. From camping to hunting to birdwatching, Jazzy Jeans will revitalize your outdoor enthusiasm while also keeping your belongings secure.


Who says women’s fashion is too challenging to keep up with? Who says fashion is just for the runway? Prove those naysayers wrong in a stylish pair of Jazzy Jeans with plastic pockets, reclaiming the trends with your own personal flair. Check out more opportunities to spice up your wardrobe with K&K Designer Pockets, so you can rock your Jazzy Jeans and more anywhere.

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