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5 Things You Can Put in Your Plastic Pocket Jeans
September 26, 2017 K&K Designer Pockets

5 Things You Can Put in Your Plastic Pocket Jeans

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Women’s fashion, meet Jazzy Jeans — the K&K Designer Pocket design that will blow you away with its one-of-a-kind style and unique protective pockets. Putting on a pair of pants has never been more creative than with flair like this, with the added bonus of convenient pockets to store your personal belongings.

Show off your fashion sense while also securing your items, and learn five things you can put in the plastic pockets of a cute pair of Jazzy Jeans.

1. Treasured Pictures

The best way to use the awesome plastic pockets featured on Jazzy Jeans is for displaying priceless memories. From pictures of your close friends to family members, you can excite any event or conversation by wearing a pair of Jazzy Jeans with photos held in the pockets. Jazzy Jeans also make for a unique gift for your mom, aunt or grandmother, including your own precious pictures while also leaving room for new ones.

2. Money & Credit Cards

When you’re out with friends, gossiping while walking in the park or revving up for the evening concert on the water, a pair of Jazzy Jeans can quickly come in handy. Its plastic pockets, while great for showing off, can also conveniently store important items like money or credit cards, especially if you anticipate on moving around a lot and don’t wish to drag along a bag. Though, if you are in need of a stylish purse to go with your denim jeans, JAZZY purses are available, too!

3. ID or License

If you’re out adventuring with loved ones, the last thing you’re thinking about is keeping an eye on your wallet or bag. Similar to storing money, your Jazzy Jeans can be used to secure your identification or license, especially if you decide to hit the lake for some afternoon fishing. What better way to display your fishing license than in your protective pockets? You also guard such important documents from the elements, like rain or wind.

4. Receipts

We are all vulnerable to clutter, but wearing a pair of Jazzy Jeans offers you a great opportunity to reorganize your belongings and put focus on what you need immediately at hand. For example, if you’re tired of stuffing bill receipts into your purse, forever lost to its messy depths, then your protective pockets can offer a refreshing reprieve. Just make sure they don’t pile up in your pockets, too!

5. Sweet Treats

Every now and then, we deserve a tasty reward. Sticking a sweet treat, like a mint or small candy, into the pockets of your Jazzy Jeans promises something delectable for you to enjoy later. You can even tease your younger siblings or family members with such sugary temptations, holding the candies hostage until they’ve completed their chores. No matter what treats you hold, they’ll remain secure in your plastic pockets.


With all these options, a pair of Jazzy Jeans with designer plastic pockets are a must! And check out more chances to liven up your wardrobe with K&K Designer Pockets, so you can rock your Jazzy Jeans and more anywhere you go.

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