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5 Benefits of an Adjustable Strap on KKD’s Denim Purse
October 15, 2017 K&K Designer Pockets

5 Benefits of an Adjustable Strap on KKD’s Denim Purse

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Purses are incredible and versatile accessories: not only do they provide a utilitarian service by carrying all of your essentials, but they also are a great way to pull a look together and express your individuality. A denim purse in particular is a statement piece that works well with all looks, whether you’re a little black dress or a t-shirt kind of person. Your favorite K&K designer denim purse can even upgrade its own look with a adjustable strap, which offers a variety of benefits to you.


  1. Keep It Lean

Shoulder straps are popular for ladies’ purses for a simple reason: they look good! Just like vertical stripes, a shoulder strap on any of our popular denim purses draws the eye down, creating a taller and leaner silhouette. This strap style is universal, which means that both full-figured and slimmer ladies look great with it on.


  1. Healthy Heavy Lifting

Our durable bags can hold a lot without showing any wear, but that doesn’t always mean the human body can. Since purses tend to be worn on one side of the body, and the average weight of an American ladies’ purse is 5.2 pounds, how you hold your heavy bag can dramatically affect your spine and posture. Having a shoulder strap on your bag takes the weight off of one side of your body and helps evenly distribute it, making you more comfortable and healthy!


  1. No Bodyguard Needed

We always hope you’ll never be faced with a threat, but it never hurts to take precautions. Thieves tend to go for easy targets in crowds, which means carrying a bag that can be pulled right out of your hand, such as a clutch, would make for a quick payday for a thief. A shoulder strap on your sturdy denim purse means that a thief would have to lift your bag over your head to steal it, which would create too much of a scene for them to even consider bothering you.


  1. Like Your Favorite Levi’s

Just like in the commercials, our jeans can flatter your body as much as a pair of classic 505’s. Having a shoulder strap on your favorite denim purse will help your purse hit your hip, which creates the illusion of a smaller waist and wider hip. The classic hourglass body never goes out of style!


  1. Warranty Not Needed

We offer great customer service, but don’t think you’ll need it. Shoulder straps evenly distribute weight, which means that even if you have a bag on the heavy side, it’ll last for years to come. Hand straps can often put lots of weight on the top, creating a pressure point that wears down the fabric but shoulder straps spread all weight throughout.

We specialize in beautiful denim purses and will happily add any strap you like to your one-of-a-kind purchase, but would recommend going with a shoulder strap. Not only do you get the benefits above, but you will have a stylish and unique bag that will turn heads everywhere you go!

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