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5 Things KKD Is Thankful For This Thanksgiving
November 16, 2017 K&K Designer Pockets

5 Things KKD Is Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Posted in Holidays
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Around this time of year, we here at K&K Designer Pockets begin to reflect on what we’re grateful for. Thanksgiving is a great time to relax and spend time with the people you love the most, doing the things you love the most. It’s a yearly excuse to slow down, eat great food, and laugh loudly with people who you might not get to spend time with regularly, but love nonetheless.

We wanted to share with you, our wonderful customers, five things that we are grateful for this Thanksgiving!

  1. Family and Friends

Showing people you love them can be hard to express at times. Although many of us consider a great fishing trip to be a way to express your affection, others may not. Giving a gift such as one of our unique hats is an excellent way to show you care, but some times the best way to say ‘thanks for being here’ is to celebrate with them during the holidays. We’re happy to have all of our friends and family healthy and happy this Thanksgiving.

2. Travel

The world has amazing landscapes, people, and cultures to offer, and one of the things we’re grateful for this Thanksgiving is the ability to explore it! We love the great outdoors, and being able to go to different places and experience them is an unparalleled gift. We love traveling so much that we want to make it more convenient and safe – so we created a one of a kind way to keep all your documents safe with our wide selection of products.

3. The Great Outdoors

Traveling is wonderful, but you have to really experience the great outdoors first- hand to appreciate all that the world has to offer. Some places offer such a wide variety of landscapes and activities that it can feel like you’re on another planet. We’re avid fishers, so anywhere that has fishing opportunities is a place that we can be truly grateful for!

4. Good Health

It might seem a little cliché, but one of the things we’re most grateful for is the chance to wake up each day healthy and happy. We try to never take our health for granted, and appreciate every chance we get to spend time outdoors having fun, with friends or family, or working to achieve our dreams.

5. Our Amazing Customers!

It goes without saying that the thing we’re most grateful for, every minute of every day, is… You! Without our amazing customers, our dream would never have flourished. Each person who supports us is an invaluable part of our lives, and we will forever be grateful for you!

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